Latest developments: Fish Gill Cell Culture System Removing the need for toxicology testing on live fish.


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Procedures for the reconstruction, primary culture and experimental use of rainbow trout epithelia.

Schnell, S., Stott, L.C., Hogstrand, C., Wood, C.M., Kelly, S.P., Part, P., Owen, S.F., Bury N.R. 2016. Procedures for the reconstruction, primary cu

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Assessing the reliability of uptake and elimination kinetics modelling approaches for estimating bioconcentration factors in the freshwater invertebrate, Gammarus pulex

Miller. T.H., McEneff, G.L., Stott, L.C., Owen, S.F., Bury, N.R. Barron, L.P. 2016. Assessing the reliability of uptake and elimination kinetics mode

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Hypoxia Suppressed Copper Toxicity during Early Development in Zebrafish Embryos

Fitzgerald J.A., Jameson H.M., Dewar Fowler, V.E., Bond, G.L., Bickley L.K., Uren Webster, T.M., Bury, N.R., Wilson, R.J., Santos, E.M. Hypoxia Suppr

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