Presentations at SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting

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Three posters presented:

  • Elisabeth Chang gave one entitled “Understanding factors that influence ionisable xenobiotic bioaccumulation using a Fish in vitro Gill Cell Culture System (FIGCS)”
  • Dr. Tom Miller gave one on “iNVertox: Rapid intelligent in silico predictions of sub-lethal ecotoxicology effects in invertebrates following pharmaceutical exposure
  • Dr. Jon Arnot presented a poster corner presentation on behalf on the ECO34 team entitled “A tiered testing strategy for rapid estimation of bioaccumulation by a combined modelling in vitro testing approach: identification of candidate test chemicals”

Tom also gave a talk entitled Investigating the application of artificial neural networks to predict the bioconcentration of xenobiotics in fish and invertebrates.

Nic Bury also co-chaired a session with Dr. Eric van Genderen entitled – Interpreting biological effects of metals and their mixtures in the aquatic and terrestrial environment